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Superwoman Fund - In Memory of Maryam Whelan


Maryam Ameri Whelan embodied compassion, love and grace. She showed this toward her family,  her friends, people she just met, and to complete strangers who had the pleasure of coming into contact with her.  She was beautiful inside and out.

Maryam was diagnosed with cancer in 2015.  Throughout her journey with cancer, she continued to epitomize this strength of character through the gratitude she showed for many things in her life and in the world. She realized how blessed she was to have a loving and caring family along with a tremendous network of support to help her along the way. She knew how fortunate she was to not worry about the financial burden of cancer, and to never face a choice between chemotherapy or buying groceries for her family. She used to say, “I have the best of a bad situation.” 

Maryam was also selfless. She saw many women in the same waiting rooms and took the time to speak to them, to get to know them—to learn their stories. What she heard about their struggles broke her heart. Being the person she was, Maryam decided to do something about it, and put a great deal of thought into what she could do to have the biggest impact on those in need.  Knowing that cancer is already stressful, let alone the financial barriers it can impose, Maryam decided she wanted to adopt a patient with significant financial challenges to relieve them from making decisions that could compromise their recovery. In August 2016, she and her husband Brian Whelan established the Superwoman Fund.

Our hope is to raise money to continue the Superwoman Fund, remember our beloved Maryam, and help cancer patients and their families.  Please join our family and make a donation today to this extremely impactful cause.  Also, know that 100% of your donation will go to support Henry Ford Hospital cancer patients in need.

Thank you for your friendship and support.  May you and your families have a happy and healthy year.

With appreciation,

The Whelan Family



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