Fall 2021

Game On Cancer 2020

Hermelin Brain Tumor Center

A diagnosis of cancer — any cancer — can feel overwhelming. At the Hermelin Brain Tumor Center, you will find compassion and ongoing support from experienced brain tumor specialists. Our team of doctors and staff offer everything you and your family need for a brain tumor: rapid diagnosis, personalized care and expert brain tumor treatment.  We also seek to revolutionize the care we provide, working toward the day when all brain cancers are controllable, if not curable.

But even the tough need champions, and that’s where Game On Cancer comes into play.

Cancer is a thief. It’s a disease that can steal not just health, but financial well-being, too. Imagine if cancer depleted your funds so you could no longer afford transportation to your chemotherapy appointments or buy healthy food. 

We are raising money for Game On Cancer to ensure patients can get to their appointments, keep the lights on in their home and have access to life-saving medications. We are raising money to support brain tumor research at HBTC thru Game on Cancer grants. 100% of every dollar raised supports this mission and 100% is used locally.

Your HBTC co-captains, Lisa Scarpace and Dr. Adam Robin both have a personal connection to brain cancer.  We know what you are experiences.  We sympathize with you and your family.  To learn more about Dr. Robin's story, please watch this video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-pxtC1w_Mw 

Please join us and our Game On Cancer champions with a donation today. Your support will allow us to continue expanding services, research and financial assistance to thousands of people in our community every year.  We are tougher together.  Donate today and you will receive a Game on Cancer - Hermelin Brain Tumor Center face mask!

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Lisa & Adam

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In these uncertain times, staying connected to our Game On Cancer family is more important than ever. Traditionally, we celebrate our campaign with our Detroit Sports teams and culminate in an exciting on-field celebration at Ford Field. This year, we’re creating a brand-new experience to celebrate our fundraisers and create a community of All-Stars! The 2020 Game On-Athon will challenge you to create your own personalized well-being initiative and we will celebrate together in a variety of ways on Sunday, December 13th. Learn more on the website after you complete your registration! Thank you for joining our team.

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