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Game On Cancer 2020

Super Girl For Super Women

To Fight Cancer, You Need a Team - One That is Tougher Together

Our family friend, Maryam Whelan, started the Superwoman fund during her own battle with cancer. While in treatment, Maryam met other women also fighting cancer and realized how fortunate she was to not worry about the financial burden of cancer, and to never have to choose between getting proper treatment and buying groceries for her family. November is a month to express gratitude and in memory of Maryam’s warm heart and giving spirit, I will help to continue her legacy by raising my fundraising goal for 2020 to $5,000! 

Last year, after months of hard work and with the help from family and friends we raised over $4,000 for the Superwoman Fund. The fund helped to support a true superwoman named Melissa. Although I have never met her, I know she is a strong woman that works hard to stay positive and care for her family of 7 while battling cancer.

This year has been very challenging for so many because of the pandemic but the Superwoman Fund was here to help another patient named Sharon. Sharon is a 57 year old single mother of two grown children. Her daughter is away at college but Sharon is the sole caregiver for her son, Robert, who is autistic and lives with her. Sharon is fiercely independent but is struggling with her stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis and what the future holds for her family. 

The Superwoman Fund has helped both of these women by relieving some financial stress so that they can focus on their treatment and have some peace of mind. This achievement helped us to see Maryam's vision come true. 

Will you help me reach my $5,000 goal by making a donation today? 100% of every dollar raised will support this mission and 100% is used locally.  Donations will help women pay for rent, utilities, groceries, cleaning supplies, transportation, daycare, and other basic needs. 

Thank you for helping to continue the legacy of Maryam Whelan and for your continued support of the Superwoman fund and local cancer patients.

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Game On Cancer is making a difference for patients and families in our community, every day! This has been true even through the pandemic. We hope to celebrate you and your success together at Ford Field in the Fall if it’s safe to gather, and we’ll be offering online coaching and support all season long. Learn more on the website after you complete your registration! Thank you for joining our team.

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