Let’s get started! 


Once you’ve registered, check out your personalized Participant Center NOW, so you can be on your way to meeting your fundraising goal and succeed in the mission of Game On Cancer!  Personalizing your page is the easiest and best way to connect with your friends and family. Use your step-by-step Participant Center Guide (included in your welcome packet) as a resource and don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you can do in your Game On Cancer Participant Center:

  • Personalize your fundraising page with a photo and a personal story of why you are helping with our cause! 
  • Tell that true story from the heart. What matters here is the story about why you made the choice you did. Everyone who participates as a fundraiser for Game On Cancer does so because they felt called to participate. Being able to share this in story form is one of the factors that can ignite your campaign. 


  • Find pre-written emails you can send to friends & family to request donations. And yes, you can send these emails directly from your participant center


List of “free” supplies available



Coin Canisters


Fundraising Ideas:

To put the "fun" in *FUN*draising, download this A-Z Fundraising Guide

Sick of offering unhealthy foods at your fundraising events? Check out these 7 Ways to Host a Healthy Fundraiser.

Other Helpful Hints:


In today’s connected world, it’s easier than ever to reach your goals. Include a link to your fundraising page from your Facebook page. Simply copy and paste the link into your Facebook post.  Be sure let everyone know why you are participating in Game On Cancer and ask them to join your team or make a donation!

Check out our Campaign Tip Sheet for more ideas.


Write letters, send emails and think of something you enjoy doing, like baking cookies or knitting. Turn your talents into fundraising opportunities.


It’s never too soon to ask for a donation! Plus, by putting in a little effort now, you can easily meet your goal and qualify for our special incentives and attendance to the culmination event in December. 


Educate yourself about Game On Cancer and be prepared to tell others where their donations will go. 

2016 Impact:


Game On Cancer Mission: to remove any barrier or burden, financial or otherwise, that limits cancer patients from receiving care and treatment – 100% of funds raised go directly to patient assistance and research.  In 2016, we served over 1,200 HFHS cancer patients with groceries, transportation, housing assistance, prescriptions and much more – raising over $1,000,000 for our patients, their families, and supportive oncology services. 

Fundraising Event Guidelines:

If you are planning to host a Game On Cancer fundraising event for your team, please follow the following steps:

  • Contact us!  We can help you with the entire process 
  • Send all draft communication and flyers for the marketing of your event so that we can ensure proper usage of our logo
  • Contact Lynn Vogt, Team Coordinator, today at lvogt1@hfhs.org or (313) 874-3994

Please be aware that this is the most up-to-date logo. Lynn will provide the original file when you contact her about your event. 

GOC-Horiz P&L.png

Cash and Check Donations:

Who should checks be written out to?

Henry Ford Health System.

What do I do with cash or check donations?

1.    Please convert cash donations to a check or, preferably, a credit card donation on your webpage.

2.    Checks can be A) Made out to you and converted to a donation on your webpage or B) Made out to Henry Ford Health System and sent to us in the donation envelope included in your welcome packet.

If I have a fundraising event, how should funds raised be submitted to Game On Cancer?

Option 1: Personally collect ALL funds (cash and checks made out to you) and at the conclusion of your event, make one online deposit on your Game On Cancer page.

Option 2: Personally collect ALL funds (cash and checks made out to you) and write ONE check to Henry Ford Health System.  Include team name or individual fundraiser name(s) with your check.

Mail check to:
Game On Cancer
One Ford Place, Suite 5A
Detroit, MI 48202

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