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Beans 4 Brains- HBTC
Beans 4 Brains- HBTC

Beans 4 Brains- HBTC

Hi guys!

Thank you for your interest in participating in our Beans 4 Brain fundraising event. The goal here is to raise money for Henry Ford Health System’s Hermelin Brain Tumor Center (HBTC) AND brain tumor awareness during the month of May. The goal is to do this in May every year—hopefully becoming more exciting, raising more money and awareness, & participation of more local coffee shops. But for now, we’re keeping it simple: raise money for HBTC via coffee beans. How and what percentage is up to the businesses. Game On Cancer is a program with Henry Ford Health System designed to assist patients experiencing financial toxicities related to their diagnosis and treatment. 100% of the funds raised go directly to Henry Ford patients (in Beans 4 Brains case it will narrow down specifically to HBTC).

I have a special connection to coffee shops because I am… a coffee addict. I have been for some time. And, in complete transparency, coffee also saved my life: it had a little something to do with my overly caffeinated self having a seizure at ASHE Supply Co. on my lunch break in 2016. That seizure resulted in EMS, a trip to the hospital, and a brain tumor diagnosis. I had a craniotomy at Henry Ford and a brain cancer diagnosis (Grade 3 Astrocytoma, a slower moving version of what most people know as Glioblastoma/GBM). After the surgery and diagnosis, it was an aggressive route of radiation and a year of chemo. As I approach the five-year survivor mark, I look back at my route with gratitude. Coffee beans and a magnificent HBTC medical team saved my life and have since given me purpose and a way to enthusiastically give back to my life-savers. I am not alone. So many people want a way to give back to the people who have given us, even in the darkest of times, such amazing care. We also want to raise Brain Tumor Awareness and help patients and people like us! 

Participate by going to these coffee shops: ASHE Supply Co., Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters, Sabbath Coffee Roasters. You can also order our special bags of beans (Beans 4 Brains) online from Rootless Coffee. 

Our "contest" runs from May 1st-31st. Hoping to grow and expand this endeavor next year! Thanks for participating! 

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GOC Sponsors 2022 - September Update

Game On Cancer is making a difference for patients and families in our community, every day! This has been true even through the pandemic. We hope to celebrate you and your success together at Ford Field in the Fall if it’s safe to gather, and we’ll be offering online coaching and support all season long. Learn more on the website after you complete your registration! Thank you for joining our team.

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