2022 Game on Cancer

Game On Cancer

Comerica colleague Shae King's daughter, Ava, with the Detroit cheerleaders at the 2019 Field Day Event
Comerica colleague Shae King's daughter, Ava, with the Detroit cheerleaders at the 2019 Field Day Event

Comerica Cares

Welcome to the Comerica Cares Team! 

To Fight Cancer, You Need a Team - One That is Tougher Together

Even the tough need champions, and that's where Game On Cancer comes into play. Please join the Comerica Cares Team in supporting the Henry Ford Cancer Institute by registering and becoming a member of our team today! The process is fast, easy and secure. We truly appreciate any support you can provide and it will benefit a great cause.

Our retired Comerica colleague, Linda Forte,  lost her daughter to Cancer. And it was Linda's desire to raise awareness and help raise funds for cancer research and patients that brought Comerica into the Game. 

Together we will raise more money and support for the Henry Ford Cancer Institute than we ever could alone. 

Cancer is a thief. It's a disease that can steal not just health, but financial well-being, too. Imagine if cancer depleted your funds so you could no longer afford transportation to your chemotherapy appointments or buy healthy food.

The mission of the Game On Cancer, which is a joint partnership between Henry Ford Health System and The Detroit Lions,  is to remove any barrier or burden, financial or otherwise, that limits or prohibits cancer patients from receiving care and treatment. The money we raise for Game On Cancer helps to ensure patients can get to their appointments, keep the lights on in their home and have access to life-saving medications. 100% of every dollar we raise supports this mission and 100% is used locally.

By assisting vulnerable patients, their families, and their caregivers with the “hidden costs of cancer, we are ensuring access to treatment for all—serving one patient at a time…treating beyond the cure.

Please help us reach our goal of raising $10,000 by registering and sharing your personal page on Facebook and Twitter! Or, send an email to friends you think might be interested in contributing and include a link to your page!





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GOC Sponsors 2022 - September Update

Game On Cancer is making a difference for patients and families in our community, every day! This has been true even through the pandemic. We hope to celebrate you and your success together at Ford Field in the Fall if it’s safe to gather, and we’ll be offering online coaching and support all season long. Learn more on the website after you complete your registration! Thank you for joining our team.

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